Nobody Knows the Difference





A few weeks ago, I shared these pictures of four Little Black Dresses in my closet. Three of the dresses were thrifted for around $6-7 dollars each, and one was purchased at White House Black Market for around $200, and I still have buyer’s remorse about it. I asked Facebook users on my Dressed on a Dime page to guess which dress was NOT thrifted.

Interestingly,  the results of my little game were evenly mixed.  Each dress received approximately the same amount of votes.

But the answer was Dress Number 3–the sleeveless lace dress.

Dress 3

Despite the fact that I’d shelled out hundreds of dollars more for Dress Number 3, it was fascinating to me that it didn’t stand out to  Facebook users as appearing higher quality, more fashionable, or more expensive. It actually seemed that the the non-thrifted dress was indiscernable. (In fact, I once wore Dress Number 3 to work, and one of my colleagues asked me if it was one of my vintage finds. 🙂 )

In case you’re wondering about the others, Dress 1 was also from White House Black Market but thrifted from Goodwill along with the wedges.

Dress 1



Dress 2 was thrifted but was originally from  J. Crew.

Dress 2

Dress 4 was a no-name brand–probably  purchased from an inexpensive department store. Ironically, it received approximately as many votes as the other dress options.

Dress 5

The moral of the story is that no one knows the origin of your clothing unless you tell them! The second moral of the story is that brand names clothes don’t always appear more expensive or more fashionable to others. There’s a chance that the dress for which you dropped $200 at an upscale store might be mistaken for something from the 60’s. 🙂

So there you have the results of my non-scientific but fascinating study!  I hope this encourages you to venture into your local thrift store, consignment store, or an inexpensive department store every now and then to see what you can find on a dime. No one will know where you purchased your clothing or the amount of money you paid–except for you!