A Non-Thrifter Goes Thrifting: Here’s What She Had to Say. (And look what she found)!

Over the summer, I took my non-thrifting friend, Carissa, with me to a local Goodwill for a fun morning of bargain hunting. (Well, I had fun.  Carissa came with me out of sheer curiosity after a few too many instances of “Thanks, it’s from Goodwill” coming out of my mouth when she commented on my clothes). But she ended up having a better time than she anticipated—and  she found this beautiful dress!

carissa photo

So all’s well that ends well!  However, going into our thrifting adventure, she wasn’t quite so optimistic.  In fact, she said she was fortunate to be with a friend so she “wouldn’t feel like she wasted time when she didn’t find anything.”

Oh, ye of little faith.

To get the perspective of a non-thrifter, I asked her a few questions about her experience; if you’re a fellow non-thrifter, you can probably relate to her.

Q: What are the main reasons you’ve largely avoided thrift stores in the past?

A: I’m an organized person. When I walk into a thrift store, I feel overwhelmed, like I don’t know where to start. It seems disorganized, and I get impatient.

I’m pretty sure this is the scene she was expecting.

thrift store chaos

While there doesn’t always seem to be a method to the madness at thrift stores, alas, the store was tolerable. In fact, she found herself pleasantly surprised.

She stated, “The store was more organized and clean than I anticipated. I did find myself growing a little impatient, but finding three awesome items in an hour and a half was a pleasant surprise. I’m very happy with the pieces I found,  and I’ve become more optimistic about thrifting.”

Q: Will you go thrifting again?

A: Yes. I believe in reducing, reusing, and recycling, and I think this is a step I can take to be more proactive about those things. And I’m more likely to go if you come with me again. 

Let’s hit up the Salvation Army next, Carissa.

salvation army.jpg

So non-thrifters, it seems like the moral of the story is this:

  1. Grab a friend
  2. Be patient
  3. Put aside pre-conceived notions
  4. Have fun finding fashionable bargains
  5. Repeat

Happy Thrifting, everyone!





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