Take your Thrift Upscale; Try Resale! Furbished Fashion Finds—and a Can’t Miss Coupon!

There are so many ways to be thrifty when purchasing clothes. Perhaps you’re tired of the Goodwill scene or have limited time to find high-quality clothes on a budget. My advice?  “Take your thrift upscale; try resale!”

Resale consignment stores are a great way to find unique high-quality items at a fraction of the price you would normally pay. Plus, you’re supporting local businesses!

Recently, I scouted out Furbished Fashion, a  local resale boutique in West Des Moines, Iowa.


I really enjoyed the ambience of this store. It was well organized and attractively designed.

I also liked the flat rate pricing structure. For instance, all shirts, skirts, non-denim pants, and shorts are priced at an even twelve dollars; purses and shoes are marked at fifteen dollars. You get the idea!

There is also a back room filled with higher-end designer merchandise. (A different pricing structure applies here).  If designer merchandise is your thing, you will enjoy perusing the bargains on your favorite name brands.

I purchased several items here that I really love. One item was this blouse that I affectionally call my “shelf liner shirt.”


furishef ashion shelf liner 4.jpg

My “shelf liner shirt” was new with tags, and it oddly feels–and looks–exactly like those protective shelf liners used for cupboards and such. (I will have you know that shelf liners are very comfortable to wear).  I love this shirt and never would have picked it out for myself,  but Nicole, the owner, suggested I try it. So thanks, Nicole, for helping me leave my style rut!

I also like this blouse because it’s a chameleon.  Despite how “young” and casual the blouse feels, it surprisingly paired well with a professional ensemble. When I combined it with my thrifted Express skirt and heels–both from Goodwill–I felt comfortable wearing this outfit to work.  Who knew shelf liners were so versatile? 🙂

furbished fashion white shirt 10


The best part? Total cost of the entire ensemble was just under $25.

My other favorite Furbished Fashion find was this adorable dress paired with my Goodwill strappy heels.

furbished fashion.jpg

This dress is so different from most things I own, but that’s why I love it. It feels fresh and fun! And how cute is the bow?

So friends, next time you’re feeling thrifty but want to change up your thrift routine, stop in at Furbished Fashion in West Des Moines, Iowa. Nicole and her assistant,  Lora, are great, and I think you’ll come away with some stylish finds. They’ve even offered readers of Dressed on a Dime an excellent coupon offer!


Given the already low bargain prices,  this coupon is going to help you score an exceptional deal. Pull it up on your phone or mention that you saw it on Dressed on a Dime. Limit is one per customer. 

So, go say hello to Nicole and Lora at Furbished Fashion and make sure to use your coupon! I’d love to hear about your finds.

Happy Thrifting!



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