On the fence about thrifting? You’ll be inspired by Katie’s honest story and her newfound love of online thrifting!

Readers, meet Katie! She and I were introduced through a mutual link recently, and I’d been told she was a very “fashionable friend” who followed Dressed on a Dime and was new to thrifting.  She’s pictured below sporting one of her new thrifty finds–a $12 Lucky Dress.  Adorable! But several years ago, she was embarrassed at the thought of wearing second hand clothes. What changed?

Read more about her story and be inspired!


Dressed on a Dime:  You’re relatively new to thrifting! Tell us a little bit about your previous shopping habits. 

In general, I normally purchased my clothing new in-store or online. I loved going to my favorite stores and looking at the new season’s selections and outfit combinations.  Typically, I would grab a shirt or two at Target or Old Navy and spend $20-$80 at a time.

My more expensive shopping trips to White House Black Market, Banana Republic, or The Limited would total $250-$350 for three articles of clothing.  On occasion, I would shop resale at Plato’s Closet.

Dressed on a Dime: Looking back, why do you think you largely avoided thrift and resale shopping? 

I juggle a full time job along with being a mom and wife, so I needed my clothing shopping to be easy and convenient.

Also, if you would have asked me a few years ago about thrifting, I would have admitted I was embarrassed to wear second hand clothes.  The first several years of my pharma sales career led me to feel like I had to impress not only my clients but my female co-workers.  The desire to wear name brands and be up to date on the latest trends dictated my shopping habits and the stores at which I shopped.

It wasn’t until I was at a meeting getting compliments on a dress from Target that my mindset on clothes completely changed.  When I told my co-workers where I purchased my dress, it was as if it was no longer “cute” because it wasn’t a name brand.  At that moment, I stopped caring what others thought about where I purchased my clothing.  If I liked it, that was all that mattered.


Dressed on a Dime: Apart from your ‘Target dress moment’ what else made you start reconsidering your shopping and spending habits?

Over the summer, my husband and I revamped our budget.  We made some big changes to our individual monthly allowance in order to afford a few more family vacations and save for long term goals.  So I needed to make my budget dollars stretch further.

As we were wrapping up summer and entering fall, I felt the shopping itch coming on.  I happened to see an ad for ThredUP that day and thought I would at least check it out to see what the buzz was all about.

Dressed on a Dime: Tell us about your experience with ThredUP.

I immediately loved the website set-up.  You have the ability to select your size, brand, color, clothing specifics, and price points.   My first order included eight articles of clothing for right around $100.   Several items didn’t fit, and I decided I didn’t like a few of them after all.   The return was easy: I packed them back up in the same box, printed the return label off the ThredUP website and dropped it off at the post office.  Within a week, my account had been reimbursed.

I ended up with a beautiful blue work dress from The Limited for $14, a Lucky brand green casual dress for $11.90 and a pair of colorful wedges for $9.  I was stoked!

Dressed on a Dime: How does it feel to save money without sacrificing style?

Great! Since my first order, I’ve placed three additional orders with ThredUP. I absolutely love saving money while adding stylish pieces to my wardrobe, and I’ve received many compliments on my outfits!   I definitely plan to continue shopping ThredUP.  I love that I can shop online at home or while waiting in an office and still take advantage of tremendous savings. It’s also inspired me to try to steal away some time to shop at my local Goodwill.

Way to go, Katie. With all the money you’ll be saving, I have a feeling you’ll be someplace like this in no time!


hawaii.jpgThanks for sharing your inspiring story with us.

Anyone else love ThredUP? I’d love to hear your input!

 Happy thrifting!