Welcome to Dressed on a Dime!

I’m a downtown dwelling thirty something who thrifts incessantly. I’m passionate about living more, spending less, and still looking fabulous.

My embarkment upon thrifting originated as part of a year long experiment to overhaul my finances, thanks largely to Dave Ramsey, the debt-hating financial guru whose “tough love” approach to finances challenged me to rethink my spending habits, big and small. As part of my financial makeover, I stopped going to the mall and challenged myself to instead hit my local thrift stores to fill my closet with frugal fashion. As I kept scoring deals, I soon became enamored with the “thrill of the hunt” and the unique individuality of the oufits I pieced together, not to mention the thousands of dollars I was saving.

The best part?  I received more compliments on my outfits– my thrifty threads seemed to have  more style and “flair.”

Today, nearly every article of clothing I own is from a thrift store, and I’m proud of that. I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way–lessons that transformed my finances but most importantly transformed me. I hope my passion for frugal fashion inspires you to also “live more, spend less, and still look fabulous!”

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